Refund Policy


At CloudyML, we do not offer refunds once a course purchase has been made. However, we are dedicated to ensuring that our learners make informed decisions about their course selections.

Why No Refunds?

Before committing to a purchase, every learner has the opportunity to access a 1-day Free Course Trial. This trial offers a complete preview of the course, including videos, assignments, projects, chat support etc. This way, learners can gauge the course content and its alignment with their learning objectives.

Our complete course free trial provide a comprehensive overview, ensuring that every learner can make an informed decision about the course's relevance and value to their learning journey.

We encourage all prospective learners to take full advantage of our Free Course Trial to make certain that the course aligns with their expectations and learning goals.

Thank you for choosing CloudyML. We're committed to delivering unparalleled learning experiences.

Scope of Machine Learning is vast, and in the near future, it will deepen its reach into various fields. So start your journey and contribute for the future.
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