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Here is the one line answer for what is CloudyML? CloudyML is a launch pad for data enthusiasts. CloudyML is a data science learning platform for students from all walks of education. We provide 360-degree coverage of data science as a subject. Become a job-ready data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, research analyst, and ML engineer by gaining extensive hands-on practical learning experience with CloudyML data science courses.

Unlike other online data science courses, CloudyML adheres to the principle of learning by doing, which means that beginning on the first day, you will practise your lessons side by side. Every day, we share practical guided assignments, real-world projects, and a one-on-one teaching assistant for support with doubt resolution.

You will develop the technical skills necessary through our courses to successfully complete any data science/analytics interview.


Here is a brief history of CloudyML company. CloudyML was born in May 2021 with a vision of making data science learning easy, enriching, and ensuring. The cornerstone of CloudyML data science courses is that learning data science necessitates actual work experience in the field. Every element of these lectures was infused with this approach to experiential learning. In the very first month of the course, CloudyML received its first 300 registrations.

Our Mission

To end the true learner's struggle for quality-rich data science study material and free data science course.

Wide and detailed coverage of every aspect of data science learning.

Bring the top data science study content at the most affordable pricing.

Landing our learners in their desired jobs.

Our Milestones

Building India's Quickest doubt Resolution Chat Support System

4.5 rating on play store

4.5 rating on play store

20000+ Happy Learners

200+ Best Reviews

Our Founder

Akash Raj is the founder and CEO of CloudyML. Akash is a young entrepreneur who transitioned from a manual tester to a data scientist and ultimately to Entrepreneur. Akash first worked on a data science project at TCS itself and then worked as a data scientist in other prestigious organisations at the very young age of his early 20s. At this time, Akash came up with the idea of sharing his method of learning data science with other fellow learners and young data enthusiasts. He started working on his new startup project named “CloudyML.”

Akash has devised a method of learning data science with real hands-on practice. With this method, he himself finished his data science learning phase in a very short period, and that too like a pro. His highly effective learning hacks have helped thousands of learners in the last 2 years. With CloudyML, Akash Raj has provided quality-rich data science learning experience to thousands of learners at the most affordable prices.

Scope of Machine Learning is vast, and in the near future, it will deepen its reach into various fields. So start your journey and contribute for the future.
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