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Get Complete Hands-on Practical Learning Experience with CloudyML and become Job-Ready Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Research Analyst and ML Engineer.


Akash Raj (Data Scientist)
Founder & CEO of CloudyML

What We do at CloudyML ?

Unlike any other online courses CloudyML believe in Learn By Doing concept, Which means from the very first day you will learn your lessons by practicing them side by side.

Here we are sharing Hands-on Guided Assignment, Real-World Project with 1-1 Personal Teaching Assistant for Doubt Clearance Support everyday.

Our courses will make you technically strong enough so you can crack any Data Science/ Analytics/ Engineering Interview from scratch.

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Check Our Popular Packages

Data Superstar Placement Assurance Program

This program is a combination of Data Science & Analytics Placement Assurance Program & Data Engineering Placement Assurance Program. It covers all the Data Domain Tools and make you MASTER OF DATA. You will become job ready for all the data domain roles.

Data Science & Analytics Placement Assurance Program

This Package is the combination of our Data Science Combo Course, Data Analytics Combo Course & Job Hunting Course and comes with 100% Placement Guarantee. After completing the course, you can crack interviews of Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Research Analyst etc from scratch.

Data Engineering Placement Assurance Program

Our Data Engineering Course teaches you how to design, build, and maintain efficient data pipelines to transform raw data into insights. Gain expertise in the latest tools and technologies, such as Apache Spark, Hadoop etc

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Lets Take A look at Experts' Thought
On Data Science Domain.

“A baby learns to crawl, walk and then run. We are in the crawling stage when it comes to applying machine learning.” ml.com

Dave Waters

“Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI (Artificial Intelligence) will transform in the next several years.”cloudml  ,cloud ml

Andrew Ng

“Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning — whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it — learn it. Because otherwise you’re going to be a dinosaur within 3 years.” canva crack

Mark Cuban

“Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.”cloudml  ,cloud ml

Nick Bostrom
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