Maths & Statistics

Course Curriculum

In this assignment, we have covered calculus topics for ex functions, its domain , range, limit, derivative, global maximum,  chain rule etc.

In this assignment we have covered  topics of vector spaces for example dot product, cross product, linear combination of vectors, eigen vectors, eigen values etc.

In this assignment, we will load & study the data, visualize its distribution and subset the data using threshold.

In this assignment, we see the distribution of the dataset and calculate their central tendencies. We use central tendency to get the insights from the data.

In this assignment we will learn how to use the quantile method to get insights from the dataset. We will use quantile to solve our problem statement of students application.

In this assignment, you will understand the distribution of the data and also calculate various measures of dispersion. We will create a DataFrame to compare the variability in the investment returns of the different agencies.

In this assignment we will learn different types of plots in data science, when to use a particular plot and how to get insights from them.

In this assignment we will learn different types of sampling and look at how to sample data for better predictions. You will learn it by implementing on housing dataset.

In this assignment, you will be working on the result of an e-commerce website where your goal is to work through this notebook to help the company understand if they should implement the new page, keep the old page or perhaps run the experiment longer to make their decision.

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