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Why Should We Learn SQL For Data Science?

  • SQL Is one of the easy to learn Programming Language.

  • Data can be manipulated (Access, Insert, Update, Delete) easily with SQL.

  • With SQL You can manage larger amount of Data also you can combine data from different sources quickly .

  • We can clearly see an exponential rise in SQL Jobs. So it has lucrative career opportunities.

What will you learn in this Course?

Basic SQL Module

In this assignment you will learn basic queries using keywords SELECT, INSERT,UPDATE, DELETE & Group By of SQL.

Intermediate SQL Module

In This assignment you will learn about GROUP Functions (AVG, Count, Max), Inner Join and Union Operator.

In This assignment you will learn about Left Join, Having Clause, Sub queries etc. 

In this assignment you will learn about Right join , IN, Not IN Statements, Any and All functions etc.

In this assignment you will learn about Like Operator, Group Function (Sum, Min), Between, And, OR operator etc.

Advanced SQL Module

In this assignment you will learn about functions : Date(), Lcase(), ascii(), length(), Ucase(), Left(), Right(), Row_number(), rank(), CONCAT_WS() etc.

In this assignment you will learn about View, Case, char_length, Binary etc.

Additional Learning Cookies !

This is a revision of all the queries that you have learnt earlier and there will be some additional challenging queries also.

The link of Hacker Rank platform is given in the assignment itself where you will be running your queries.

Course Fee

( Everything with Lifetime Access )

For Whom this course is ?

  • College Students planning to learn SQL from scratch.

  • IT experienced person planning to switch to Data Science profile start with SQL .

  • Any Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronics and other core branch student can learn SQL from this course.

Meet The Course Designer

Hello, I'm Akash.
I'm A Data Scientist.

I have transitioned my career from Manual Tester to Data Scientist by upskilling myself on my own from various online resources and doing lots of Hands-on practice. For internal switch I sent around 150 mails to different project managers, interviewed in 20 and got selected in 10 projects.

When it came to changing company I put papers with NO offers in hand. And in the notice period I struggled to get a job. First 2 months were very difficult but in the last month things started changing miraculously.

I attended 40+ interviews in span of 3 months with the help of Naukri and LinkedIn profile Optimizations and got offer by 8 companies.

CloudyML Course Completion Cetificate Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You will get Assignment Based Learning that will super boost your confidence in coding skills. 
  • Here you will get Doubt Clearance from our mentors for all assignment, projects and interview Q&As related queries everyday including Weekends-Saturday and Sunday.
  • You will get latest interview Q&A mail and also information about jobs and we will keep you motivated and Josh “High” !

The course is designed in the form of Assignments. In Assignments we have topic wise video links followed by related questions. You are supposed to code the solutions.

If you are stuck somewhere then you can reach to our mentors. They are available from 3P.M to 11:59 P.M everyday. After completion you need to submit the assignment and you will receive the solution file.

Our mentors team comprises of M.tech and B.tech students with good technical skill to resolve your course and assignments related queries

No. There is no placement as part of the course. The course focuses on skill development for being able to clear Data science interviews.

This course has been designed keeping beginners in mind. You will be able to learn as we start from basics. We have many learners doing this course who had no prior coding experience.

It’s one time payment and you will get lifetime access to this course experience.

We are Acknowledged By Government of India As An Innovative Startup

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