Master MLOps Concepts in 4 Weeks

Uncover the transformative potential of MLOps in translating machine learning models from personal notebooks into operationalized models that drive tangible business outcomes.

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Our Unique Features

Hands-On Learning

Get Complete Hands-on Practical Learning Experience through Assignments & Projects for Proper Confidence Building

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Other Important Course Features

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Course Curicullum

MLOps Introduction
(Week 1)

1. Key Ideas
2. Structure
3. Why its used

Building a ML Application and Its Deployment
(Week 2)

1. Streamlit Introduction
2. Installing Pycharm
3. Building a ML Application from scratch
4. Deploying ML Application using Streamlit and Github

Developing Web API using Flask
(Week 3)

1. Introduction to Flask and Fast API
2. Building a ML Application using Flask Framework
3. Deploying ML Model using API’s

Docker and Containerization
(Week 4)

1. Introduction to Docker
2. Building an Image using Docker
3. Containerization and Deployment

Course Completion Certificate