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Verizon Data Science Interview Questions

1.     How many cars are there in Chennai? How do u structurally approach coming up with that number?
2.     Multiple Linear Regression?
3.     OLS vs MLE?
4.     R2 vs Adjusted R2? During Model Development which one do we consider?
5.     Lift chart, drift chart
6.     Sigmoid Function in Logistic regression
7.     ROC what is it? AUC and Differentiation?
8.     Linear Regression from Multiple Linear Regression
9.     P-Value what is it and its significance? What does P in P-Value stand for? What is Hypothesis Testing? Null hypothesis vs Alternate Hypothesis?
10.  Bias Variance Trade off?
11.  Over fitting vs Underfitting in Machine learning?
12.  Estimation of Multiple Linear Regression
13.  Forecasting vs Prediction difference? Regression vs Time Series?
14.  p,d,q values in ARIMA models
1.     What will happen if d=0
2.     What is the meaning of p,d,q values?
15.  Is your data for Forecasting Uni or multi-dimensional?
16.  How to find the nose to start with in a Decision tree.
17.  TYPES of Decision trees – CART vs C4.5 vs ID3
18.  Genie index vs entropy
19.  Linear vs Logistic Regression
20.  Decision Trees vs Random Forests

Date: 17/06/21
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