Job Interview for the post of Junior Data Scientist at Cians India.

Interview questions asked to

  1. How to select alternate rows in SQL ?
  2. How to modify Sql row value ?
  3. How to rename multiple column names in pandas?
  4. How to add a new column name with all lower case letters in pandas?
  5. Difference between Where and Having ?
  6. Difference between Union and Union all?
  7. How many Joins in SQL ?
  8. How to drop column name in to read json file ?
  9. List compression ?
  10. Mutable and immutable ?
  11. List vs tuple ?
  12. How to handle missing values in a dataset?
  13. How to handle imbalance in a dataset ?
  14. What is hyperparameter tuning ?
  15. Naive Bayes Algorithm explained?
  16. Overfitting and underfitting ?
  17. Bias variance trade off?
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