Job Interview Experiences

Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Scientist at TheMathCompany

1. Central limit theorem
2. Hypotheses testing
3. P value
4. T-test
5. Assumptions of linear regression.
6. Correlation and covariance.
7. How to identify & treat outliers and missing values.
8. Explain Box and whisker plot.
9. Explain any unsupervised learning algorithm.
10. Explain Random forest.
12. Business and technical questions related to your project.
13. Explain any scope of improvement in your project.
14. Questions based on case studies.
16. Write SQL query to find employee with highest salary in each department.
17. Write SQL query to find unique email domain name & their respective count
18. Solve question (17) using Python.

1. Technical Test (Python, SQL, Statistics) (Coding+MCQ) (90 min).
2. Telephonic interview (10 min).
3. Technical interview (45 min).
4. Fitment interview (25 min).
5. HR interview (30 min).

Date: 03/07/21
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