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Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Scientist at Quantiphi

1. What happens when neural nets are too small? What happens when they are large enough?
2. Why do we need pooling layer in CNN? Common pooling methods?
3. Are ensemble models better than individual models? Why/why – not?
4. Use Case – Consider you are working for pen manufacturing company. How would you help sales team with leads using Data analysis?
5. Assume you were given access to a website google analytics data.
6. In order to increase conversions, how do you perform A/B testing to identify best page design.
7. How is random forest different from Gradient boosting algorithm, given both are tree-based algorithm?
8. Describe steps involved in creating a neural network?
9. In brief, how would you perform the task of sentiment analysis?

Date: 03/07/21
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