Job Interview Experiences

Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Scientist at ArrayKart

Round 1: Asking about why did you chose Data Science as Career? Questions related to your background if you are from non tech background.

Round 2: What is Supervised learning ? Unsupervised learning? Difference between them.

What is Linear regression in layman terms ? 

What is Overfitiing and Underfitting?
Show how will you create a model on any datadet on jupyter notebook. Dataset can be of your choice.
What is activation function and layers in neural networks.
Show how will you fit a model on mnist dataset on jupyter notebook using layers of neural network.
What is dropouts?
Have you integrated SQL with any project?

Round 3 : what are types of Data structures?
Difference between tuple and sets.
How will you sort a list without using sorted function in python?
What is time complexity of inserting an element in list and set.?
How will you count letters of a string in python?

What is a confusion matrix ? When it is used? What is True positive, False positive, True negative, False negative

Date: 26/06/21

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