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Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Scientist at HDFC Bank Ltd

1. What are the metrics used to test an NLP model?
2. How should you maintain a deployed model?
3. How can time-series data be declared as stationery?
4. People who bought this also bought…’ recommendations seen on Amazon are a result of which algorithm?
5. After studying the behaviour of a population, you have identified four specific individual types that are valuable to your study. You would like to find all users who are most similar to each individual type. Which algorithm is most appropriate for this study?
6. Your organization has a website where visitors randomly receive one of two coupons. It is also possible that visitors to the website will not receive a coupon. You have been asked to determine if offering a coupon to website visitors has any impact on their purchase decisions. Which analysis method should you use?

Date: 28/07/21
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