Job Interview Experiences

Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Scientist at Cognizant

1. SQL question on inner join and cross join
2. SQL question on group-by
3. Case study question on customer optimization of records for different marketing promotional offers
4. Tuple and list
5. Linear regression
6. Logistic regression steps and process
7. Tell me about your passion for data science? Or What brought you to this field?
8. What is the most common problems you face whilst working on data science projects?
9. Describe the steps to take to forecast quarterly sales trends. What specific models are most appropriate in this case?
10. What is the difference between gradient and slope, differentiation and integration?
11. When to use deep learning instead of machine learning. Advantages, Disadvantages of using deep learning?
12. What are vanishing and exploding gradients in neural networks?

Date: 02/07/21
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