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Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Scientist at Bewakoof[dot]com

1. Have you ever used Lambda function and List comprehension in python, if yes, then give an example?
2. What is the way that you would handle an imbalanced data set that’s being used for prediction when mostly there are more negative classes than positive classes?
3. If a Person A and Person B are playing archery together and their abilities to fire the arrow at the target are the same, and the probability of getting the target is 0.5 for both of them. Now there is a situation that A has fired 201 arrows and B has fired 200 arrows, then, what is the probability that A gets more targets than B?
4. Explain what do we mean by making decisions based on comparing p-value with significance level?
5. Is it possible that the t-value same for 90% two tail and 95% one tail test. If yes, then why is it so?

Date: 29/07/21
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