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Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Analyst at Sony


1. What methods do you use to identify outliers within a data set? What call do you take when outliers are identified? 
2. Guess-estimate the number of people in India that would use a cricket kit of an elite brand.
3. You are given a data set on cancer detection. You’ve build a classification model and achieved an accuracy of 96%. Why shouldn’t you be happy with your model performance? What can you do about it?
5. Rexntly global average temperature rose and there was decrease in number of pirates around the world. Does that mean that decrease in number of pirates caused the climate change?
6. Both being tree based algorithm, how is random forest different from Gradient boosting algorithm (GBM)?
7. You’ve got a data set to work having p (no. of variable) > n (no. of observation). Why is OLS as bad option to work with? Which techniques would be best to use? Why?

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Date: 14/08/21
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