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Job Interview Experience For The Role Of Data Analyst at Hotstar

1. What is the statistical power of sensitivity?
2. If you are given an unsorted data set, how will you read the last observation to a new dataset in python?
3. What is the difference between covariance and correlation?
4. Explain how did you handle missing data in one of the projects mentioned in your resume.
5. What is negative indexing? Why is it needed? Can you give an example for.the same in python
6. How will you estimate the number of weddings that take place in a year in India?
7. What is the condition for using a t-test or a z-test?
8. What is the main difference between overfitting and underfitting?
9. What is the formula for R-squared and adjusted R-squared metrics and when do you decide to use them?
10. What is the KNN imputation method?

Date: 03/08/21
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