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Interview questions for the post of Data Scientist

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A continuous variable is having missing values, so how will you decide that the missing values should be imputed by mean or median?
What is PCA and what each component means? Also, what is the maximum value for number of components?
What is test of independence? How do you calculate Chi-square value?
When precision is preferred over recall or vice-versa?
Advantages and disadvantages of Random forest over Decision Tree?
What is the c hyperparameter in SVM algorithm and how it affects bias variance tradeoff?
What are the assumptions of linear regression?
Difference between Stemming and Lemmatization?
Difference between Correlation and Regression?
What is p-value and confidence interval?
What is multicollinearity and how do you deal with multicollinearity? What is VIF?
What is the difference between apply, apply map and map function in python?

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