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Interview questions for the post of Data Scientist at Enquero Global

        Role: Data Scientist

  • Previous job role and responsibilities
  • Problem statement of your project and How do you overcome challenges
  • How do you handle feature which had many categories.
  • When to use precision and recall.
  • What are outliers & how do you handle them
  • Joins, self joins, said me to write sql queries on self joins
  • How good your with python
  • Logic for reverse string.
  • Data collection- how do you collect data and data preprocessing.
  • Focused on EDA part
  • Have you deveployed any project in cloud if you which cloud you had used and how do you do that.
  • How do you interact with domain expertise and business analytics people.
  • How do you replace Missing values for continuous variables.
  • What is your largest data set you have handled till now and tell me size of dataset.
  • Overall Mostly focused on SQL, DATA COLLECTION, EDA, feature engineering and selection.

          Date: 17/05/21
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