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Interview question for the post of Data Analyst at TCS IQ

         Company Name : Tata IQ
         Role: Data Analyst

  • Why data science as a career?


  • What is p value?
  • What is histograms?
  • What is confidence interval?
  • You are a Sr data analyst at a new Online Cab booking Startups
  • How you will do data collection and how you will leverage the data to give useful insights to the Company?


  • No Of cabs booking per day in Ranchi
  • You are product head manager(not remember exactly) at a NBFC which gives a Secured loans what factors will you consider giving loan to ?
  • Inventory Database based on that have to do basic pandas/sql query? Joins / merge to get avg sales, its chart?
  • You have a list of 3 numbers return the min diff. Can use any python/sql
  • What is Big Data?

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