Interview for the role Data Analysist at Myntra Round(Use case Round)

Problem Statement:

Given 2 teams of Myntra namely:

1. Finance Team: They focus to take decisions which are Money driven.

2. Customer Experience Team : They focus to improve the Customer Experience with Myntra.

Whenever Customer places a refund request Myntra can process it in 2 different ways:

1. Directly accept the Return request.

2. Put the request on hold and verify the product for damages or manhandling by customer. Only if the products are found to be in proper state, accept the return.

Now, there is a conflict of opinion between these two teams.
Finance Team likes the 2nd option as it minimize the chances of loss.

But Customer Experience teams likes the 1st option as their main aim is to improve Customer Experience.

Now suppose you are part of the Customer Experience team. How would you convince the Finance team to follow the 1st step.

What kind of Data you would be looking for solving this task.

Is there any need for model building for this use case.

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