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Data Science Interview Experience for the role of Junior Data Scientist

1) Explain the architecture of CNN
2)If we put a 3×3 filter over 6×6 image what will be the size of the output image
3) What will you do to reduce overfitting In deep learning models
4) Can you write a program for inverted star program in python
5)Write a program to create a data frame and remove elements from it
6) I have 2 guns with 6 holes in each, and I load a single bullet In each gun, what is the probability that if I fire the guns simultaneously at least 1 gun will fire (at least means one or more than one)
7) There are 2 groups g1 and g2, g1 will ask g2 members to give them 1 member so that they both will be equal in number, g2 will ask g1 members to give them 1 member so that they will be double of g1, how many members are there in the groups (I’m not sure of this question as I tried to solve but didn’t get correct answer)

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