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Data Science Interview Experience for the role of Junior Data Scientist at Mindtree

1. What is central tendency
2. Which central tendency method is used If there exists any outliers
3. Central limit theorem
4. Chi-Square test
5. A/B testing
6. Difference between Z and t distribution (Linked to A/B testing)
7. Outlier treatment method
8. ANOVA test
9. Cross validation
10. How will you work in a machine learning project if there is a huge imbalance in the data.
11. Formula of sigmoid function
12. Can we use sigmoid function in case of multiple classification (I said no)
13. Then which function is used
14. What is Area under the curve
15. Which metric is used to split a node in Decision Tree
16. What is ensemble learning
17. 3 situation based questions

Date: 27/05/21
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