Job Interview Experiences

Data Science Interview Experience for the role of Junior Data Scientist at Altimetrik

1. Explain about Time series models you have used?
2. SQL Questions – Group by Top 2 Salaries for Employees – use Row num and Partition
3. Pandas find Numeric and Categorical Columns. For Numeric columns in Data frame, find the mean of the entire column and add that mean value to each row of those numeric columns.
4. What is Gradient Descent? What is Learning Rate and Why we need to reduce or increase? Why Global minimum is reached and Why it doesn’t improve when increasing the LR after that point?
5. Two Logistic Regression Models – Which one will you choose – One is trained on 70% and other on 80% data. Accuracy is almost same.
6. What is Log-Loss and ROC-AUC?
7. What is Multi-collinearity? How will you choose one features if there are 2 highly correlated features? Give Examples with the techniques used.
8. VIF – Variance Inflation Factor – Explain.
9. Do you know to use Amazon SageMaker for MLOPS?
10. Explain your Projects end to end (15-20mins).

Date: 23/06/21
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