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Cerence Interview Experience for the post of NLU Developer

Company: Cerence
Role: NLU Developer

Question1 :
Write a function that take two strings as inputs and return true if they are anagrams of each other and false otherwise
(hello, hlleo) –> true
(hello, helo) –> false

Question 2 :
Write a function that take an array of strings “A” and an integer “n”,
that return the list of all strings of length “n” from the array “A” that can be constructed
as the concatenation of two strings from the same array “A”
A = [dog, tail, sky, or, hotdog, tailor, hot] and n=6
output should be “hotdog” and “tailor”

Question 3 :
Given an array “arr” of numbers and a starting number “x”,
Find “x” such that the running sums of “x” and the elements of the array “arr” are never lower than 1.
arr = [-2, 3, 1, -5].
The running sums will be x-2, x-2+3, x-2+3+1 and x-2+3+1-5.
So, the output should be 4.

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