Data Science & Analytics for Beginners- FREE Certification Course by CloudyML​

This is a detailed program covering all the various aspects of Data Science. It covers topics like AI, Machine Learning, python methods, data science tools, and lots more. It stands out from all other free data science courses due to its extensive topic coverage.

This course is different from other free online data science courses also because of its structured and guided fashion of teaching. CloudyML’s “Introduction to data science free online course” is the right pick for anyone who wants to kickstart their data science journey. Also, this course provides its participants with free data science certification. So wait no more and embark upon your data science learning journey.

Why opt for Data Science?

High Demand

Expected 27.9% rise in data science jobs by 2026

Top Salary

High Earning Potential in Data Science Careers

Ocean of Opportunities

Range of Job Opportunities in data science

Job Security

A Fast-Growing Field

Too much Flexibility

Need for data scientists in Various Sectors

How This Course Will Help You ?

Data Science & Analytics for Beginners course is a valuable resource to help you learn data science free of cost. This course covers data science fundamentals and varieties of important topics. 

The ability to comprehend huge data and get insights from it makes data scientists one of the most sought-after and well-paid occupations. Learn data science free to get yourself into the data industry. 

You can start with this course to get a general idea of the Data Science domain. You will be learning Python for Data Science along with Machine Learning through some very interesting projects. This course will help you to understand the structure of Data Science and the things you should know to become Job-Ready for this domain.

What You’ll Learn in This Free Data Science Course?

Take your Tech Skills to the next level with CloudyML's Free Data Science Certification Course. Skills you will learn in this free data science certification include:

Basics of AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning

Kickstart your data science journey with a welcoming video on AI, data science, and machine learning. Get yourself comfortable with the course and be ready to explore the hidden treasures of data science.


Tame the snake with CloudyML python data science learning. Apart from being easy, Python is a juicy language to excel in data science. Python is essential for data analysis. Python for data science has been explained in a detailed manner. It has been covered in 15 classes covering almost all important subjects of python for data science.

Data Science Tools

Equip your data science skills with many awesome data science tools. We have covered all important and foundational tools for data science below. Learn cool stuff like panda commands, Matplotlib and Seaborn, and lots of others.

Data Science Analytics Tools

It’s time to excel with crystal clear Excel fundamentals. Excel has a special significance in data science as it is useful in organising raw data. Excel makes it easier for data scientists to extract actionable insights. Further, this course introduces you to tableau course content. Also, this course will make you comfortable with data visualisation using PowerBI.

Case Studies

The course finds its finishing touch in very helpful case studies. It thus provides its learners with a complete learning saga. Watch these case studies to enrich your data science learning with some real-life problem-solving and decision-making.

Why CloudyML?

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