While the world is shifting towards digitalization, the AI system is reaching new heights and playing an important role in facility management. Whatever you may see in your surrounding is connected with Artificial Intelligence in one way or the other. Before discussing on how facility management companies use AI for their advantage, let me briefly introduce you about artificial intelligence in facilities management.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the ability of a machine to think like a human. In other words, human transfer their ability and knowledge to machine to simulate the process. AI includes Natural Language processing, Machine Learning algorithms, Deep Learning, Internet  On Things, etc…

How AI makes facility management effortless like never before

AI has been a boon to all the facility management companies. It saves money, reduces the energy cost, improves productivity and much more.
Some basic use cases of AI in FM-

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Security plays an important role to protect the major information and prevent losses. To enhance the security system, the concept of an AI(IOT) based model has been brought which detects the GUN holder. 

It basically works on Open CV. The model is trained by some image data sets containing images of a man with gun, guns, man without gun and few other cases. When anyone enters the room, the camera detects him/her and scans his/her body. 

If the accuracy is found to be greater than 50 percent, then the person is treated as a criminal and the alarm starts ringing, otherwise the focus shifts to the next person.

2.Objects controlled by Sensors/speakers

A hotel in Las Vegas is a perfect example for controlling of object via humans inside that room. Every hotel, every room is well equipped with sensors and speakers which detect what the person inside room wants to convey, for instance, double clap for LIGHT to TURN OFF, voice message to volume up or down for Television, etc

3.Smart office

How would it feel if attendance is taken by camera? What if a device starts speaking the name of employees? What if some important email comes and you are away from your laptop? Implementation of all these things make an office unique and much advanced.

Zebra Technology , San Jose ,is the example of a company having park for sport in just 4000 sq. ft. There is a half-court basketball ground for company employees as well.

Microsoft building 83, has music speakers in its office for announcement and it automatically plays music according to the weather outside.
The Edge is in large area in which low LED light are activated when necessary, workers self-regulate the lightning, air conditioning etc.

4.Covid 19 protocol

To protect oneself, it is important to make social distance, un-crowd in working place as well. Sometimes, it gets stuck to our mind to improve social distancing in companies, we can use AI based CV model which gives an alert if distance between more than 2 persons is less than the specified distance, which is taken as standard distance for model building.

With proper social distance it is important to wear mask. All organizations in the world require not to enter inside without a mask and to fulfil the task weather a person wears a mask or not, face detection plays major role, which detects the employee without mask.


It’s impossible for a person to sanitize everything, or to detect which place needs cleaning, to get rid of this problem we have following AI-hits:

5.1 Surveillance based detection

Many organizations have surveillance to detect the most crowded place which is the best place to sanitize.

5.2 Computer Vision

Computer vision works on the principal of face detection and counting if number turns out to be greater than 5 or 10, then that specific space require sanitization.

For example, in thus image the space inside rectangle requires cleaning.

Adapting the new changes and progressing is not easy for anyone but if we can’t change our way to work, then we will be the last person in the queue of booming the AI world. In the era of AI, going forward, we will see that almost everything will be automated and manual efforts be reduced to (almost) none.

Security system, face recognition attendance system, parking system are few examples that show how manual works have been replaced by automation and technology. This has also grown unemployment to an extent but has definitely helped in increasing the literacy rate in the country.

It’s likely that we’ll see automation features become more heavily oriented towards organic machine learning. The next generation of wireless protocols is definitely going to change the way we access our workplaces.

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