The Buzz in Data Science

Each month it seems there is a new technology introduced that can transform the world in unimaginable ways. Each technology arrives with its own set of industry buzzwords that make it difficult to understand how it would benefit industries and organizations. Data Science is one such domain of technologies with avalanche of buzz words and their success stories that have made it trending in the market. We’ll cover everything you need to know, and help you go find anything else you might need. Sounds good? Let’s get started.

What’s all the buzz about?

Buzzwords are nothing new, but sometimes it’s hard to tell if people know what’s going on or if they’re just trying to sound smarter than they actually are. It’s important to know the meaning of some of the terms and phrases, but that’s not how problems get solved. Problems get solved when we can understand what decision makers can control, when we understand as much as possible about the different options available for each decision, and we can evaluate the potential outcomes of those options to pick the best path forward.

The biggest buzzwords in the industry often apply to the large categories or descriptors of groups of things an that’s where data science stands head high. Multiple job roles like data analyst, ML engineer, Dl engineer, MLOps engineer, research analyst, business analyst, NLP engineer, BI developer, etc are buzzing around in the domain. To found there detailed description please Click Here.

What’s Data Science?

The term ‘Data Science’ applies to a wide variety of tools and techniques that are all about learning from data and solving problems with data. The study of Data Science is an art of uncovering the insights and trends in the data. It enables better decision making, predictive analysis and pattern discovery making use of predictive causal analytics, prescriptive analytics and machine learning. All the ideas you see in the Hollywood sci-fi movies can be turned into reality by Data Science. You can run algorithms on data to bring intelligence into it. This is the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Why Data Science?

Data science is an evolving field, valuable to business with unbeaten salaries and huge growing demand. Like other scientific disciplines, data science is focused on the ways that people can understand data and use data to their benefit. It is a multidisciplinary domain involving giants like machine learning, deep learning, databases and data processing, statistics, visualisations, etc.

Traditionally, we had more structured data in fewer volumes which could easily be analyzed by using BI tools. But today, we have more than 80% unstructured data in large volumes and simple BI tools are not capable of analyzing such large volumes and variety of data.

Thus, Data Science is an important concept with more complex and advanced analytical tools and algorithms for processing, analyzing and drawing meaningful insights.

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientists gather vast amount of structured and unstructured data and convert them into valuable insights which helps an organization to grow and compete. They interpret and analyze data from multiple sources to come up with imaginative solutions to problems which have the potential to drive the growth of organizations. They use analytical techniques like text analytics, machine learning, deep learning to analyze data. They encourage data-driven approach to solve complex business problems. They communicate all the productive observations and findings to the company stakeholders via data visualization.

What are the pre-requisites?

There are no pre-requisites to learn Data Science. All you need to know is the basics of Python or R language and even if you don’t know either is totally fine. Your interest, determination and patience are the most important assets to learn Data Science.

Generally, Data Scientists are skilled in Python/R, SQL, Statistics, ETL, EDA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Processing Frameworks, etc.

But this should not trouble you as learning is a process and when you follow it properly you cover all the skills required to hold that position.

So, if you want to kick-start your career with something extremely buzzing and attractive, don’t wait for anything else! It’s time to pick and choose data science as your only choice. Data Science jobs were hot when introduced, they become hotter with time and now these roles are the hottest in almost all the companies. So, if you prepare well working on the required skills, you can be the next one to get the breakthrough. What are you waiting for? Just go and grab it!

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