Data Science is a better Career option for a Non Coding Person

Knock! Knock! Hey, where do you stand in this fast-paced world?
Still struggling to earn a decent living and experience the luxuries.. 

Well, CloudyML is here with a new proposal for you! Yes, you heard it right! 

We are asking to you build your career in Data Science and see the miracles. It’s highly observed that it has transformed into a revolutionary technology and hailed as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’ and a career for pcm students after 12th.
While the crowd wish to become high-paid professionals But the dark side of the corporate world is that very few individuals are given the chance to live their dreams.
In this blog we will bring the real picture of Data Scientists, and how this is essential to weigh the pros and cons of upskilling yourself also an option for non coding background.
Today there are ample reasons to pursue a career in Data science: 

Even during a global recession, and pandemic Data-Science solved across diverse industries.Pursuing a career in data science is well worth every bit of effort and investment. Not only is it a smart choice and pays off well handsomely, but because data is also positioned to be that pivotal upon which the entire economy will be revolving soon.
Companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other Top notch product-based MNCs seek someone who is good at –

You definitely need to think outside the box when it comes to building models/algorithms. Whereas critical-thinking and problem solving approaches are vital for getting a job in a tech giant or in any product-based company.

Pros of Switching Your Career into Data Science/ML :

The domain of Data Science is wide and has its own fair share of advantages. So,We  will help you to assess yourself and take the right course in the field of Data Science.

1. Comparatively less Coding than other IT jobs :

As you are beginner from a non-coding background, intense coding might be frightful and confusing to you.To do data science work, you’ll definitely need to learn at least Python or R as a primary programming language and you can start with just the basics of it. Gradually in CloudyML courses you will be taught how to write syntax & debug it. You don’t have to know about compiler design, data structures and algorithms or program memory management to become a Data-Scientist. 

Because we will teach our student from scratch how they need to handle a large dataset. How to Clean data ->Algorithm choice->Building efficient ML models-> Evaluation of models-> Generating reports and Analysis.

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2. Most Demanded :

Data Science is enormously popular. Prospective job seekers have various opportunities. which is the quickest developing position on Linkedin and is anticipated to make 11.5 million jobs by 2026. This makes Data Science an exceptionally employable sector for a Better career option.

3. Abundance of Opportunities :

Very few people have the required skill-set to become a full-fledged Data Scientist. This makes it less saturated and an on-demand job as compared with other IT sectors. 

Hence, there are many vacant positions in this sector, as it’s a vastly abundant field. So the Data Science is highly in demand but yet low in supply of Data Scientists

4. A Highly Paid Career :

Data Science is among the topmost highly paid jobs in the world. According to Glassdoor reports, Data Scientists make an average of $116,100 per year. So, this makes Data Science a lucrative career option for non-coders as well.

5. Data Science is Versatile :

You might be wondering about the numerous applications of Data Science and why everyone is talking about it. Well, This is widely used in health-care industries, banking, consultancy services, and e-commerce sectors. 

Even being from a non-coding background, you will have the opportunity to work in various fields and get trained from CloudyML to get job-ready for such positions.

6. Data Science Makes Data Better :

Companies are hiring skilled Data Scientists to process and analyze their data, Because it enhances and analyzes the data to improve its quality. Therefore, Data Science deals with enriching informational reports and making it better for their company.

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7. Data Scientists are Highly Prestigious :

It has enables budding programmers to make smarter business decisions and work upto mark. Companies rely on Data Scientists and use their expertise to provide better results to their customers. This gives Data Scientists a prestigious position in the IT sector.

8. Innovative Tasks :

It has has assisted various industries to automate redundant tasks. Organizations are utilizing historical data to train machines in order to perform repetitive tasks.

9. Data Science Contributes in making Brilliant Products :

This includes the utilization of Machine Learning which has empowered businesses to create better products customized explicitly for client experiences. For instance, Recommendation Systems utilized by web-based business sites give customized insights to clients based on their historical purchases. It empowered PCs to comprehend human behavior and settle on data-driven choices

10. Makes You Way Smarter :

This is not only a great career but will also help in personal growth. An individual gradually develops a problem-solving attitude. Since many Data Science job roles bridge IT and Management, a good Data-Scientist will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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So, hope we are able to envision the full picture of this domain. Being a less-saturated, high paying field it has revolutionized several walks of life and cross-disciplinary natures. 

This is an ever-evolving field that will take a lot of effort to gain proficiency. In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether the pros of Data Science motivates you to take this up as your future career and make a careful decision!

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