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Why You Must Learn AWS Cloud Computing in 2022?

Hey, nerds how you doin’?😜Well, I am expecting that you know what is AWS! The entire tech industry is well-known for its advancement and achievements. The business has become stronger throughout the long term, and everyone needs to collaborate, serve, and get good salary at the end of each month.

Nonetheless, everyone needs to understand the market niche and the value of Amazon Web Services (AWS) has long been questioned.
However, learning AWS is beneficial, you should initially comprehend that there are many sorts of benefits of knowing about it in depth.
The AWS cloud computing course you choose is determined by your career or business objective; it can be a single course or a combination of courses to meet your specific demands.

Now, Let’s discuss the numbers: –

  • According to a survey, more than 80% of people said they have a better salary because of cloud certification.
  • 52% claimed that Cloud certifications increased their professional possibilities.
  • It’s been observed that, IT experts who obtained new skills and/or AWS certifications earn an average salary hike of around $13,000 to $14,000.

Adding to it AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is the most basic choice. It provides essential working knowledge of the AWS Cloud computing and may consequently be utilized by management, sales, or finance experts.
The AWS cloud computing market is projected to be more than $623.3 billion by 2023.

Cloud-based services have been generally adopted by modern enterprises. Also, with regards to the cloud infrastructure marketplace, Amazon has the biggest stake. Hence, various organizations look for people who grasp AWS architecture standards, account administration.
The entire procedure requires a significant amount of time spent researching the platforms, learning, and taking mock tests.

It also shows the employers that whether you are passionate and dedicated to your career or not. It also implies that you are willing to put in the work and can face challenges.

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Are AWS certifications and expertise in demand?

Cloud computing expertise is in great demand,because Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular public cloud.

AWS certifications

According to a report :-

Cloud certifications make an applicant more impactful to 82% of hiring managers.
While evaluating applications or candidates, 87% of hiring managers prioritize hands-on industry experience and valid certifications instead of a university degree.
There is certainly a shortage of AWS-certified experts today. That is why professionals with cloud expertise are in high demand and they get to earn higher salaries.

If you know the companies you want to work for that uses AWS regularly, you should take the course and move ahead with the certification.
Still stuck in an endless loop of misconceptions and poor understanding…..?

Why you should get your hands dirty with AWS cloud computing?

While there are several perks to AWS certifications, many are worth the certifications to advance your career with better opportunities and salary raises.

Of course, certificates alone can not guarantee you a dream career. Certifications provide you with a thorough knowledge foundation, may assist you to score interviews, and may even help you gain some positions – particularly with MSPs.

Some of the Six core certificates and five specialist certifications in this domain are available through AWS. Based on an individual’s job, the basic certifications are divided into four primary pathways: AWS Foundational (Cloud Practitioner), AWS Architect, AWS Operations, and AWS Developer.

  • The foundational certification is useful for professionals in managerial, technical, sales, and financial roles that work with the AWS cloud. There is just in this course, i.e., the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

AWS certifications show the employers that you have the necessary knowledge. Companies that participate in AWS Partner Network (APN) programs typically employ a specified number of certified staff to maintain their partner status.

Now that you’ve learned about the various types of AWS certifications and why you should add it to your priority list, you’re probably thinking if it’s worthwhile to acquire any of them. And the answer is yes. AWS certifications come with a variety of perks.
60% of cloud computing job postings today ask for AWS-related skills, which indicates that the AWS certified experts are highly valued in the market.

Another reason to begin your cloud computing path with AWS is that the company owns 1/3rd of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) market, which means getting an AWS certification future-proofs your career.
We’re one of the world’s leading digital talent transformation companies committed to provide you and your team insightful digital technology training and certifications programs.

CloudyML’s AWS cloud computing course discusses the basics of AWS & cloud computing, then moves on to more advanced concepts, like service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), Amazon Private Virtual Cloud (AWS VPC), and more.
Learn and upskill yourself from the comfort of your home with CloudyML’s AWS cloud computing course.
You really do not need to learn it to use it , only invest time into “learning” if your employer is paying you to do so or your favorite prospective employer REQUIRES it in job description.

Learn skills that transfer across jobs. Core Computer Science concepts around which container/docker and cloud platforms are based : Linux, Virtualization, Load Balancers, Networking, http etc. These would make learning any cloud computing platform a matter of a few weeks.

What are the essential cloud computing skills to learn in 2022?

Cloud technology has been the trending technology for innovative companies empowering them by lowering their investments in on-premises data centers and servers. The invasion of the COVID pandemic has accelerated the demand for certified cloud computing specialists to enable and support more remote, distributed workforces.

There are endless and tremendous opportunities for individuals ready to gain the requisite cloud computing skills, owing to the shortage of qualified and skilled professionals in the field. Amazon Web Services or AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform are the most popular cloud platforms.

Let us go through the essential cloud computing skills trending in 2021.
  • Cloud Security: Outsourcing the storage and retrieval of sensitive business data requires a strong focus on security and trust. Because a single security breach can reveal customer data, steal valuable intellectual property, and irreparably harm a company’s brand, IT security is a top priority in most firms.
  • ML and AI: Aside from cloud computing, the other two burgeoning segments are machine learning and artificial intelligence. Since major cloud suppliers have begun to offer tools and services that make cloud-based AI and machine learning applications more accessible, they have become essential cloud computing capabilities.
  • Multiple Platform Cloud Deployment and Migration: Organizations require individuals with deployment and migration capabilities as they continue to transition native IT systems to cloud platforms or from one cloud platform to another.
  • DataBase: The need to extract relevant insights from databases that cloud platforms host stimulates the demand for workers with cloud computing abilities to manage, store, and retrieve data.

DevOps: is a prominent software development strategy that considers the complete software lifetime, from planning to maintenance. The DevOps 

methodology enables businesses to automate some changes and distribute them more quickly and efficiently.
With the rise of new technologies rapidly and the complexities of the digital age, individuals may not possess all of the necessary skills for their desired career. However, Careerera is at your rescue with the finest cloud computing courses for those who wish to work with advanced cloud technology. Careerera offers industry-leading cloud computing courses combined with live, instructor-led course material with hands-on projects to accomplish your goals.

Does learning AWS cloud computing help you in your career?

Cloud Computing has the best career roles. There are many job opportunities if you are doing Cloud Computing Certification courses. It brightens up your career and provide you with a high-paying job role.
There are different career roles in the field of cloud computing.
If you want to make your career in cloud computing. Firstly, you should get an AWS cloud computing certification course with a reputated online platform like CloudyML.

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The different job roles in the field of cloud computing are as follows :-

1. AWS Cloud Architect
2. SysOps Administrator
3. Cloud Developer
4. Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager
5. Cloud DevOps Engineer
6. Cloud Key Account Manager
7. AWS networking specialist

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