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Get Complete Hands-on Practical Learning Experience through Assignments & Projects for Proper Confidence Building

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Get 1-1 Personal Chat Support for Doubt Clearance everyday between 6PM to 12Midnight (including weekends). Between 8PM to 9PM, the Teaching Assistants will be also available over Live Zoom Meeting for Doubt Clearance. 

Other Important Course Features


Industrial Internship

Lifetime Access


Interview QnA

  • Python (Worth: ₹2999)
  • Python is the backbone of Data Science. It is most widely used language for DS. It’s very easy to learn compared to other languages and non tech people can also learn it. You need not become an expert in it. You should mainly know how to manipulate data using it.
  • R Language (Worth: ₹2998)
  • R is not widely used as compared to Python but still some companies use it. It’s very power when it comes to plotting variety of graphics. The Exploratory Data Analysis is done better with R as compared to python.
  • SQL (Worth: ₹2995)
  • SQL is the most underrated skill of a Data Scientist. It is used to pull required data pints from the complex database of clients. You need to write long queries using joins to get the relevant data points
  • Tableau (Worth: ₹3490)
  • Tableau is a software that offers collaborative data visualization for organizations working with business information analytics. In this course we have covered tableau from basics to advance which will help any individual to clear data analyst interviews.
  • PowerBi (Worth: ₹3450)
  • Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform that provides nontechnical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. In our course we have covered all aspects of powerbi necessary to clear data analyst interviews with different case studies to showcase in your resume.
  • MS Excel (Worth: ₹2950)
  • Excel is a spreadsheet program from Microsoft and a component of its Office product group for business applications. Microsoft Excel enables users to format, organize and calculate data in a spreadsheet. Its features calculation or computation capabilities, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). In this course we have covered basic to advanced excel techniques to level topics like VBA which will help cracking data science/Analytics interviews.
  • Maths & Statistics (Worth: ₹2990)
  • Statistics is what makes Data Science unique. Lots of Data Science problems are solved using statistics tests. Also understanding the dataset is done using statistics. It is very important for interviews.
  • AWS QuickSight (Worth: ₹1999)
  • Amazon QuickSight allows everyone in the organization to understand data by asking questions in natural language, exploring through interactive dashboards, or automatically looking for patterns and outliers powered by machine learning. It is also an add on tool for resume and shows your desire for learning.
  • Google Data Studio (Worth: ₹1995)
  • Data Studio is a free tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable dashboards and reports. It is not a necessary tool for you but it's good to add extra tool in your resume to show your fire for learning. It can be helpful if your company decides to use this tool for data analysis.
  • DA Interview QnA (Worth: ₹1950)
  • The interview QnA package has the interview questions asked in real company interviews to our learners for the role of Data Analyst/Business Analyst. We have made company wise and topic wise pdf collection out of those

Get All these 10 courses of
Total Worth : ₹25821

At Offer Price of ₹4990

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Get 100% Industrial Internship After Course Completion

Do Internship at CloudyML after your course completion for one month as a Data Analyst Intern. Internship Period may increase based on your performance. Internship gonna add so much value in your resume. After completion, you will get Certificate of Internship and based on your performance, you can also get Letter of Recommendation.

Data Analytics Combo Course Package

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4990 + 18% GST
  • Python For Data Science
  • R Language
  • Complete SQL
  • Maths & Statistics
  • Tableau Course
  • PowerBi Course
  • MS Excel Course
  • Amazon QuickSight
  • Google Data Studio
  • 15+ Analytics Case Studies
  • 1-1 Doubt Clearance Support
  • 1 Month Internship Offer
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime Course Content Access

Success Stories Of Our Leaners

Meet The Course Designer

Hello, I'm Akash.
I'm A Data Scientist.

I have transitioned my career from Manual Tester to Data Scientist by upskilling myself on my own from various online resources and doing lots of Hands-on practice. For internal switch I sent around 150 mails to different project managers, interviewed in 20 and got selected in 10 projects.

When it came to changing company I put papers with NO offers in hand. And in the notice period I struggled to get a job. First 2 months were very difficult but in the last month things started changing miraculously.

I attended 40+ interviews in span of 3 months with the help of Naukri and LinkedIn profile Optimizations and got offer by 8 companies.

Based on my career transition and industrial experience, I have designed this course so anyone from any background can learn Data Science and become Job-Ready at affordable price.

Meet Your Other Course Faculties

Rahul Mishra

 Data Scientist @CloudyML

Sajal Soni

Data Scientist @IBM | ex-TCS

Ashish Kumar

Data Engineer @ ADI || MTech (CSE) @ IIT Bhubaneswar || Ex-Research Intern @IIT KGP

Venu Gopal

Data Scientist @ Karza Technologies

Deekshant Kapoor

Data Scientist @ HSBC

Why you should learn Data Analytics?

Data analytics is significant for top organisations

Work opportunities in a spectrum of industries

Increasing salaries for data analytics professionals

Job opportunities on the rise

Impact Businesses Directly

Suitable even for Non-Tech People

For Whom this course is ?

  • College Students planning to learn Data Analytics from scratch and do internship.

  • IT freshers planning to get into Data Analytics projects.

  • IT experienced person planning to switch to Data Analytics/Business Analytics profile.

  • Anyone who wanna get industrial level advanced knowledge from scratch and do internship to gain more experience.

  • People from non-coding background can learn from this course to become Data Analyst and Business Analyst from scratch.

Is This Course Up To Industry Standard ?

A BIG, YES. In our course, we have covered everything which is used in the industry and asked in the interviews. Not only that, we have made this course for complete Hands-On Practical Learning Experience with Assignments, Industrial End-to-End Projects and Case Studies so learner can get full confidence on his skills from scratch. A lot of our learners (from various background) have successfully switched to Data Science & Analytics Domain after completing our courses and there success stories & reviews are mentioned on this website.

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Difference Between CloudyML & Others

Features Udemy Coursera iNeuron Almabetter Scaler CloudyML
Hands-on Learning
1-1 Doubt Clearance Everyday
Internship Offer
Lifetime Access
Affordable Price (Under 10K)

Udemy Vs CloudyML

Features Udemy CloudyML
Hands-on Learning
1-1 Doubt Clearance Everyday
Internship Offer
Lifetime Access
Affordable Price (Under 10K)

Coursera Vs CloudyML

Features Coursera CloudyML
Hands-on Learning
1-1 Doubt Clearance Everyday
Internship Offer
Lifetime Access
Affordable Price (Under 10K)

ineuron Vs CloudyML

Features ineuron CloudyML
Hands-on Learning
1-1 Doubt Clearance Everyday
Internship Offer
Lifetime Access
Affordable Price (Under 10K)

Almabetter Vs CloudyML

Features Almabetter CloudyML
Hands-on Learning
1-1 Doubt Clearance Everyday
Internship Offer
Lifetime Access
Affordable Price (Under 10K)

Scaler Vs CloudyML

Features Scaler CloudyML
Hands-on Learning
1-1 Doubt Clearance Everyday
Internship Offer
Lifetime Access
Affordable Price (Under 10K)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Here you will get Assignments and projects based Learning that will super boost your confidence in coding skills and it will give you practical learning experience that you can’t get anywhere
  • We provide valuable contents at best affordable price with a vision that anyone can learn Data Science without paying lakhs of rupees.
  • We provide personal Live Mentorship support to our learners on skype chat to resolve their doubts and queries.
  • Mentors are available everyday between 6pm to 11:59pm and resolves doubt with in 10 mins.
  • We provide lifetime course content access and it is a self-paced course as well so anyone can learn according to their time and manager their work and study.
  • You will get the latest interview Q&A mail an information about jobs and we will keep you motivated and Josh “High” !

After completing the course, you can apply for the internship part from your course portal. There will be one basic interview to test your skills and also we will check your submitted assignments. If you will pass in this process then you can instantly start your remote internship with CloudyML. If you will be not ready then we will give you 1-2 week of time for preparation and then again you can give the interview. You will be getting 5K Stipend in your Internship period of one month.

In general, it may take around 3 Months to complete the course if you give 1-2 Hours per day. It is a Self-Paced course with lifetime access, you can learn according to your time.

The course is designed in the form of Assignments and Hands-on tutorial videos. In Assignments we have topic wise video links followed by related questions. You are supposed to code the solutions.

If you are stuck somewhere then you can reach to our mentors. They are available from 6P.M to 11:59 P.M everyday. After completion you need to submit the assignment and you will receive the solution file.

We will assign you Experienced Data Scientists from our team who will resolve all of your doubts and queries within 10-20 mins.

No. There is no placement as part of the course. The course focuses on skill development of the learners so they can crack any Data Science Interview. To get placement assistance with the course, you can check our Placement Assistance Programs. You can connect with our Career Counselling team by calling on this number (+918587911971) and they will guide you.

We do not have refund policy. Please visit our page for more details 

This course has been designed keeping beginners in mind. You will be able to learn as we start from basics. We have many learners doing this course who had no prior coding experience.

In fact, 30% of our learners are from non-coding background like mechanical, civil, commerce, arts, MBA, BCA, bio-tech, etc and they are getting jobs and other benefits after completing this course.

It’s one time payment and you will get lifetime access to this course experience.

After making the payment, your account will automatically create in our learning portal.

You will get the login credentials of the learning portal via mail instantly just after your enrollment to the course.

Course Completion Certificate

We are Acknowledged By Government of India As An Innovative Startup

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